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 Your new Library Website! Test

On this website you will find everything that is available on the library and even more!

Search the catalogue and filter the hits to find precisely what you are looking for. On the way you will find lots of exciting suggestions that will give you the inspiration to read, listen to and watch things you may not have thought of yourself.
The website will also enable you to join in discussions on the forums, provide readings tips, make recommendations and write reviews, amongst other things.

To have access to these services please first create your account by entering your library borrower details in the login box on the right of the screen.

Finding your way around this website is straightforward using the tabs in the toolbar above and the links in the navigation panel on the left.

Search for titles in the catalogue by entering a search term in the search box at the top of the page. You can then limit or expand your searches using the many options provided.

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Author: Stenstedt, Marianne
Author: Samuelsson, Tony
Author: Baker, Jo
Author: Kanmert Sjölander, Molle

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